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Working with Ap Prep has been nothing but the best.  You get your money’s worth!  It has made my business and inventory run so much smoother.  I just email and they help straight away.  It is a very straight forward system to use and I would definitely recommend this service all day long.  Their support is incredible!
--- Nikki, UK


When Amazon started with the restock quantity limits program, we looked for a third-party logistic company to help us overcome these new restrictions. After looking for several alternatives, we chose AP Prep.  Working with AP Prep is a breeze; no hassle, easy to communicate, and very reliable. We started as an FBA company two years ago and having AP Prep managing our logistics helps us scale our business.  We 100% back them as one of the most reliable and cost-effective 3PL companies in the market.
--- Luis, Owner, Cookie Cake Shop LLC, Georgia


It has been a great experience working with AP Prep.  Excellent customer service, with accurate executions, allow us to focus on our selling activities!  I would recommend AP Prep Services to other sellers.

--- Hiro, Japan


The service AP Prep provides has been quick and smooth;  a great storage solution.

--- Alwin, Ontario, Canada


AP Prep Services has given me complete peace of mind that my stores will always be restocked in a timely manner.  I was very impressed with how simple and quick the check-in process went.  Afterward, they immediately sent a full shipment of my product to Amazon's warehouse.  It was 100% hands-off for me.  The most pleasant surprise was when they sent me the bill.  If you are a new seller and are serious about growth, then you should be using their services.

--- Gerardo, Oregon, USA


AP Prep has been very convenient and reliable.  We are notified immediately when our shipments arrive and the management of our inventory has been very simple.  Highly recommend as a 3PL solution for Amazon FBA.

--- Seena, Sydney, Australia


We use AP Prep and have never had any issues.  They are a very reputable and fast storage 3PL, with prompt service and experience shipping to Amazon.

--- Luchen, Delaware, USA


Perfect solution for FBA Amazon sellers.  Working with AP Prep is easy, agile, and straight forward.  Highly recommended!

--- Berta, London, UK


AP Prep has provided exactly the level of service I was looking for as a new seller.  They are responsive, easy to work with, and their service is cost effective.  Highly recommend!

--- David, New York, USA


AP Prep is a Godsend for my business, which sells on Amazon and now has to cope with severe limitations.  AP Prep allows me to ship large quantities of my product to their facility and then to send smaller inventory quantities to Amazon fulfillment centers.  Brilliant solution!

--- Brett, Alberta, Canada


i'm happy I found AP PREP to store my products and ship them to amazon when needed.  Fast, efficient, and quick response time!

--- Theresa, California, USA


i've had a good experience working with AP PREP.  They have fair pricing and they respond promptly with great customer service.  If you need help with your Amazon inventory limitations & running out of stock, then I would definitely recommend using their services.

--- Marian, Winnipeg, Canada


i'm having a great experience working with AP PREP!  All shipping tasks are handled with a simple email and they handle everything in a timely manner.

--- Marcus, Georgia, USA


AP Prep has been a life-saver for us.  They have gone above and beyond expectations.  AP PREP is by far one of the best 3PL providers in the market.  They are knowledgable and transparent at every step.

--- Amit, India


AP Prep is fast, responsive, and professional.

--- Edgar, Nevada, USA


I've been using AP Prep since the pandemic started and they are a godsend.  I don't know how I would do business in the U.S. without them.  They are fast, reliable, and very helpful.  Highly recommended!

--- Kasia, Poland


AP Prep is the best 3PL we have ever used.  They respond very fast, so their service is fast.  They create the shipping plan to Amazon for you, which makes things very easy!

--- Yehuda, London


It was an absolute pleasure working with AP Prep. Communication was great!

--- Caitlin


AP Prep has surpassed all my expectations! They make the inventory management process simple and stress-free, taking care of every aspect of it. Their turnaround time is impressive and customer service is top-notch! They always reply to emails in a timely manner and are very helpful when it comes to solving doubts that may arise.  If I had to pick a word to describe them, I'd say RELIABLE. I am very happy with their service and look forward to working with them for a very long time.

--- Sandra, Madrid, Spain